Take this, all of you.

In the name of Isabelle de Castile,

It will be given up for us.

As we fill our viles with sand

Take this new world, all of you. 

Drink of its rivers

Their blood, they give of freely,

For they think we are moving on.

It will be shed for you and for all

To atone for our sins.

The arrow points north

Toward the sovereign.

Take this, and dig.

For it is the new Eldorado

The everlasting covenant

Guilded in copper, in gold.

They know; our wings are clipped.

Torn, limb from limb

True God from True God.

We map this in memory of them.


© All rights reserved.

A Proposal: Shamanism and the Rural Revolution

“Throughout human History there are eras when every society experiences the darkness of injustice and the long shadows of oppression blanket the landscape. During these periods, collective oppression supplants individual liberty; coercion, intimidation, and wrongdoing become the lawful exercise of authority, and the brightness of prosperity and freedom is but a dim reminder to a bountiful past… Rural Ontario is now home to darkness and our voice is silent and muted within the bureaucratic halls of power in Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill.” 

This is the opening salvo on the Ontario Rural Landowners Association website, and a sentiment echoed by the earth’s Indigenous peoples and paraphrased by Karl Marx in Das Kapital, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Episode IV: A New Hope”.  But sadly, rural Ontarians have channeled this rage into futile, even self-destructive behaviours.  The usual shibboleths of municipal de-amalgamation, enshrining property rights into the Charter, and Senate reform are ideas that lead inexorably to the dark side.  As long as we have hate in our hearts, we cannot rebuild those lost ancient connections.

This is why Intentsandpurposes propose to initiate a conversation about shamanism with the Landowners Association, employing the resources of the esteemed Hollyhock Institute, based on Cortez Island, on the BC Coast.  We will explore ancient and modern techniques of breathing, bodywork and music to enter a shamanic trance. Through age-old rituals, we will create a trusting atmosphere, a sacred vessel for profound personal exploration and spiritual growth. We will discover practical gladness and the essence where the Great Mystery resides in all things, and find the path with heart on this powerful transformative journey.

We will get naked, in deference to the Earth Mother.  As we watch the sweat glisten on our bellies, and listen to our spirit-wheezing, we shall contemplate our dense urban neighbors, whose shrill majority voice resonates and echoes with ignorance, clamoring to deprive rural Ontario of our natural and historic rights.  We shall learn to pity, not loathe, the urban environmentalist, the politician, the bureaucrat, and the academic, who all covet our priceless property.  We shall learn to love the sinner, and hate the sin.  Embrace the conservationist, and despise conservation.  Kiss the brow of the regional planner, but defecate on the plan.  Bear-hug the barista, but damn the latté to its rightful place with Satan in the milky, steaming pits of hell.

Such is our path, such is our proposal.



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