Urban Form

The Tao of Holding Space


Space: Can it be held?

Only Captain James T. Kirk

Would hazard a guess.

Throwing caution to the wind,

Gall stone, or kidney,

On Ebay,

Bids close Friday.

In time, in deed.

Darkness within darkness.

Can time be held?

Can we go if we have not come?

To hold, perchance to cream

Our pants on fire,

As we, holding hands,

Approach the sun.

He who follows it

Is one with it, and

Though the body dies,

The Sun will never pass away.

There is Laurence Fishburne,

And then there is reality.

Hot, hot, reality.

Faces melting,

Quizzical expressions exacerbated.

And then, the Virgin whispers:

“Space cannot be held!

Though it can be beholden,

But only at great risk,

To life and limb.”


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